Attracting Skills

Your hiring success is paramount to us

Working In are market leaders in finding international skills for New Zealand with over 20 years’ experience. We are committed to attracting and finding people with the right skills for your business.

When you travel to the UK, we want you to have the peace of mind that your ROI has already been achieved.

In 2018 we altered our UK events to an Interview Event format. This means that you arrive to meet and interview a schedule of shortlisted, relevant applicants that are interested in moving to NZ.

You only meet people that have expressed an interested in your company and that you or your team have selected.


Our expert team use a portfolio of proven digital platforms to search for and attract people to apply to your roles: social media channels, Google, the Working In New Zealand job board, the Immigration New Zealand database and newsletters, the Working In database of over 100,000 subscribers, the Working In blog and Facebook pages, relevant UK job boards and LinkedIn.

We build you a bespoke landing page where candidates can read about your opportunities, view the job vacancies and make an application. The page lets people know that you are travelling to the UK to meet them. It tells them the dates and locations so they can plan to attend.

As soon as relevant candidates show an interest in your company, the WI team get in touch personally with the applicants to encourage them and describe how close they are to their dream of living in New Zealand.

Your roles will be promoted through a targeted eight-week campaign that finds the people you are looking for, including:

  • Working In New Zealand’s job portal
  • The Working In events site
  • Working In New Zealand Facebook page – heavily used by people in the UK.
  • Our database of over 30,000 UK subscribers
  • Immigration New Zealand. INZ is a supporter of the events and uses their UK
  • Database to promote your UK recruitment trip.
  • Targeted advertising on social media platforms
  • Google Ad Words.
  • Linked In Advertising

We look forward to working with you.

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