MC Group

MC Group

All the logistics of moving to a new country can certainly be stressful for new migrants, but what’s often overlooked is the stress of adjusting to a new culture.

Even if your new people are coming from English-speaking countries, there are still significant differences in culture that take a bit of getting used to.

As a new employee is usually preoccupied with their job, they’re often quite happy in their new environment. However, it could be a different story for their spouse or children. That’s often the reason people end up leaving sooner than expected.

For that reason we’ve partnered with MC Group who are experts at helping people prepare for a new country and adjust to a different culture.

The owners of MC Group are licensed as Cross-Cultural Consultants by the Interchange Institute based in Boston. What’s more, they know from first-hand experience how difficult it can be adjusting. They’ve lived in five different countries with their children.

MC Group offer comprehensive settling in services. Their workshops prepare your new people for things such as cultural and social differences, communication styles, and how to avoiding misunderstandings.

Any move to a new country is bound to involve a certain amount of culture shock. With the right preparation and ongoing support, MC Group ensure your people and their families are well equipped to manage it and experience a smooth transition.