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Engage a top-rated law firm and come to New Zealand fully prepared.

Saunders & Co is a full service law firm covering everything you expect from a general law firm, as well as teams of experts in specialist fields such as tax, intellectual property, immigration, and construction. Based in Christchurch, but servicing clients all over New Zealand, we are committed to achieving the goals of individuals and ensuring the success of businesses and organisations

The heart of our firm is our people and our innovative legal team are here to help you. We will ensure you receive best value from our services by identifying your exact requirements, then providing you with the highest quality advice at competitive prices. Our professionalism means we will not compromise the quality of our work for expediency or budget constraints.

We are powered by the calibre of our people and their ability to seize opportunity. We know it’s essential that you are matched with a professional with the right level of experience and expertise in dealing with your specific issues. We thrive on working collaboratively to get the job done, we aren’t bound by bonus schemes or silo thinking. We’re not hands off, we’re hands on – solving legal issues efficiently and effectively.

We recognise that moving countries is a huge undertaking, and there are many elements of your life that need to be considered. Working In recognises this too, and has teamed up with Saunders & Co to ensure that you are covering all aspects of your move, and get the best advice. Tax is often overlooked. Many unsuspecting, well-intentioned migrants arrive in New Zealand, work hard to build a new life, have PAYE deducted from their income, only to find out via Inland Revenue (IRD) audit that they have significant amounts of additional tax to pay. It doesn’t stop there, IRD then adds penalties and interest to that tax, and the amount can quickly escalate.

Every tax regime is slightly different. It is common for migrants to move to (or leave) New Zealand without thinking about their tax affairs. This can be a costly, and stressful mistake. Simple things, like having a foreign denominated interest bearing bank account can trigger New Zealand tax obligations. Foreign superannuation schemes can trigger additional tax whether they are left in the originating country, or transferred to New Zealand. Renting the prior family home will trigger additional New Zealand tax obligations, the list goes on. Our experts are here to assist you transition to your life in NZ flawlessly by ensuring that you are meeting your New Zealand tax obligations, but not paying more than you need to.

Once you have your tax affairs in order you will likely have other legal requirements. Working with Saunders & Co gives you the advantage of keeping your instructions with the same firm, safe in the knowledge we have the expertise and resources to deal with all your plans – big or small – for life in NZ.



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