Working In Visas

Working In Visas

Once you’ve gone through the recruitment process and found the right person for the job, the last thing you want is to fall at the final hurdle.

New Zealand immigration policy changes frequently due to industry needs and the priorities of the government of the day. So it’s important to have experts who are up to speed with current policy and the rules around work visas.

Our team of Licensed Immigration Advisers offer an exceptional visa application service. Being migrants as well as New Zealand citizens, they understand the ins and outs of the complex visa process and know what’s involved with moving to New Zealand.

When your new people arrive here, they’ll have lots of things to deal with and although they’ll be feeling excited, they’ll no doubt be feeling a certain amount of uncertainty too.

Being well aware of the pressures of moving to a new country, our Advisers treat people in a friendly, positive and professional manner. They help them every step of the way and keep them fully informed so they don’t have to be concerned about their visa application.

Making the visa application process as easy as possible helps paint your company in a positive light and adds to a good early impression. At the same time, it’ll help your new employee settle into their new home and job without unnecessary distraction.