Leading IT Company’s hiring success with UK Interview Events

Leading IT company Theta is just one of the many success stories from our recent UK Interview Events.Theta came to us with a combination of ongoing skill shortages and a need for highly specialised IT professionals. Unable to find the elusive talent in New Zealand, Theta decided to travel to the UK with Working in and explore the untapped UK market.

Because of the very specific technical roles required, Theta had realistic expectations of hiring outcomes. However, the quality of the candidates they were introduced to, exceeded expectations and hiring outcomes. “Knowing who we were meeting and when, before stepping onto the plane meant our time in the UK was used effectively, and that everyone was serious about moving to New Zealand”. “We knew attending the Working In event might not necessarily solve our short-term pain, but it would help in the long run. As it happens, the trip has already paid off – we have hired people and have a talent pool of great candidates we can call on for future vacancies.”

Our UK Interview events are designed to provide maximum return on investment. We pre-sceen all candidates, then invite only the most skilled and suitable to attend and interview. We work alongside our clients to create a schedule of interviews that are booked and confirmed ahead of the event. Only the very best attend our interview events – ensuring maximum hiring outcomes and return on investment for our clients.