UK engineers bridge the skills gap

One of New Zealand’s largest engineering companies wanted to recruit structural, civil, geotechnical, and building services engineers from the UK. We put together a four-week digital campaign and hosted the company at Working In events in London and Manchester.

The digital campaign consisted of four main elements:

  • A landing page to describe the opportunity
  • Specific job advertising
  • Targeted social media campaigns to find the right skills in the UK
  • Emailing interested people in our database
  • Working with INZ to contact people with the right skills that have shown an interest in moving to New Zealand.



Using a highly targeted social media strategy, we identified people based on their skill, age and location to ensure we got in front of quality candidates that were up to the  high standard our client was looking for.


We also used our own database to target suitable candidates and promote our client’s brand, company culture and working environment, the benefits of the location and, most importantly, the career opportunities provided by the specific positions. Follow-up emails ensured that we had a high percentage of people from our database attending the events.

Within 8 weeks they had recruited six people – one even before the trip to Europe because a suitable candidate on our database had already arrived in New Zealand. Within ten weeks, two Brits were already on the ground and the others were on their way. All in all, our client was able to hire ten new engineers from the campaign.