What Sets Us Apart

We develop multiple ‘layered’ strategies that are applied across a number of digital channels to attract the most relevant skills and build you a talent pool.

Every single campaign is unique – we approach every campaign with a fresh mind, starting with market research to shape our campaign strategy.

We build you a bespoke landing page for your business and your opportunities. All prospects are led to this page to apply.

Continuous review and analysis of results throughout the campaign – improves our targeting to deliver your ROI.

You get real time results – access to customised client portal for progress viewing and full transparency.

We are Highly Proactive AND Highly Targeted – connecting you with the best people before anyone else does, putting you ahead of the pack.

Focused on the ‘opportunity’ – our marketing focuses on both the job and the lifestyle – leading to motivated and engaged candidates.

We Track and nurture prospects encouraging them to apply and giving them guidance and support.

We don’t do passive! We do not place an ad on a job board and wait for applications!

Our In-house expert visa team processes your successful applicants meaning quicker turnaround of processing and faster arrival of candidates.

A visa eligibility assessment can be carried out by our advisors’ pre-interview to ensure you don’t waste time progressing candidates that might not meet the criteria.

Our approach is very hands-on from start to finish. Our team is experienced and dedicated to maximising your outcomes.

Certainty of costs – fees are not based on % of salary package so you can have utmost confidence to budget for each new hire.


Businesses like yours have already met the New Zealand skills shortage head-on by working with us. Here’s what some of them have to say:

Analysts for Wellington

“In March 2019, Working In helped the New Zealand Treasury to deliver a targeted campaign to expand its talent pipeline. Working In’s unparalleled experience of the UK market and successful organisation of Interview Expos helped attract a huge number of applications and quality candidates for interview.”

The Treasury New Zealand

IT Talent Pool

“ A combination of ongoing skill shortages and a need for highly specialised IT professionals meant we have needed to come up with new ways to find that elusive talent.

For us, with the help of working in, it meant “taking Theta to the people” to meet a potentially untapped UK market. We knew attending the working in event might not necessarily solve our short term pain, but it would help in the long run. As it happens, the trip has already paid off – we have hired two people and have a talent pool of great candidates we can call on for future vacancies.”


Electricians From The UK

“ Clarksons were assisted by Working In to recruit Electricians and Fuel Technicians from the UK in 2018. Working In made the whole process very easy – from excellent candidates right through to their guidance with the work visa process. We had great success and now have some new valuable team members from the UK.” have a talent pool of great candidates we can call on for future vacancies.”


Building NZ’s Infrastructure

“ In November 2018 Downer New Zealand worked with Working In to attract people from South Africa and the UK. The Working In team arranged over 180 interviews and managed all the on the ground operations in both countries including looking after the interviewing teams that travelled. The good quality work and attention to detail has led to good hiring outcomes so far.”

Downer New Zealand

Teachers For New Zealand

“ We recently completed two important campaigns with Working In to source suitable candidates to come and teach in New Zealand. Targets for each of the campaigns were reached and, within a week or two of the final campaign closing, several candidates had been sent through to our schools. We’re delighted with the final results and we look forward to working with the team at Working In again.”

Education Personnel

Sourcing Healthcare Professionals

“Over the last year (2018-19) we engaged Working In to source healthcare professionals for our DHB including doctors (RMOs), specialist nurses and allied health workers.

We travelled to the UK three times for face to face interviews. This high contact approach has resulted in excellent hiring success – helping to fill some vital shortages in our local area.”

NZ Health Board