Health professionals tune into feel-good webinar

Working hand in hand with a boutique health recruitment agency, we carried out a two-month digital campaign to target health professionals that wanted to live in New Zealand.

The campaign started with Facebook ads, emails to our extensive healthcare database, and jobs posted on our website. We invited potential candidates to take part in a webinar so that we could explain what the healthcare recruitment agency could offer them and how the New Zealand visa process worked.

By combining a finely tuned social strategy, highly targeted emails to our extensive healthcare database, and compelling job ads on our website, we drummed up a huge amount of interest and a significant number of bookings for the webinar.

The webinar attracted over 200 health professionals in the UK and other parts of the world who wanted to move to New Zealand. The event was held on a Tuesday evening – 8pm in the UK.

In addition to the live presentation, videos were played to describe the quality of life in New Zealand and show off some of our most impressive landscapes.

The online event generated lots of positive comments and lead to a high rate of follow-up activity.