Vehicle Inspection Regulations Call for Overseas Skills

A recent trip to Johannesburg to hire automotive technicians proved to be a great return on investment for our large automotive industry client. Just one of the many success stories from our overseas interviews.

The recent appointment of a New Zealand Transport Association Regulatory Group has meant significant changes to industry regulation, compliance and guidelines as well as hefty penalties for not adhering to these revisions.

A resulting increase in both the amount of experience and level of qualification required to inspect vehicles in New Zealand, led our client to review their workforce and look overseas for skills not available in New Zealand.

Travelling to Johannesburg for a conference, our client wanted to make the most of the opportunity and take 2 days to interview in South Africa, a location we have had great success with in the past. We rolled out a full campaign to attract candidates prior to departure, meaning they arrived with a suite of interviews lined up to conduct straight after their conference and travelled back ready to welcome the right people to take the business forward. Success all round!